What’s next in January?

2 months have passed since our fair launch. In this short period of time with the help of our community we’ve managed to keep a fast paced development and a steady organic growth. We would like to share what’s waiting for us in the upcoming month.

Product launches

These are the milestones we are planning to launch this month.

New line of cards
A new line of support cards will be launched that will help you to defeat the corporates.

New cards
The corporate evil is growing, but so are we. More heroes, support cards to beat them all.

NFT Staking V2 with strength upgrade
We will launch upgraded NFT staking which will have lower gas fees, ability to stake badges and NFTs from our partner projects. Before launching it, we will update the strength points for cards.

Fight Corporate Villains
There will be no mercy for those standing on the corporate side. Your heroes will bring justice to the world.

Research and prototypes

We will research further development areas that can benefit Node Runners movement. These will not be launched this month, but will check if these product ideas are valid.

Resistant DollarA currency that is prone to governments and corporations control. We are looking at the ESD token model which can be included in our ecosystem. It could be used as an in-game currency, NFT staking rewards, additional incentive for liquidity providers. It could also reach a wider adoption in blockchain gaming space. NDR would be used as a governing token to adjust emission rates.

NFT staking as a service
Partner projects, artists could list their NFTs at Node Runners to earn interest with their tokens and Resistant Dollar as a bonus. NDR would be used for voting to decide which projects to accept.

Gang wars
Pick a gang, stake your cards, add NDR to the health pot and find out which side will win. After villain fighting is launched we will be able to use similar mechanisms to create team battles where players choose a side and win opponents’ NDR.

Governance matters

Make sure to signup and participate in governance discussion at https://gov.noderunners.io/
Below are the upcoming governance topics for this month.

Changing NDR allocation for Villain staking pool
Villain staking contract has 6400 or 22% of total NDR supply. These funds could be leveraged to bring more value to Node Runners while keeping the incentives to play the game.
Below are the areas which would help to facilitate further DAO growth.

Grants program — to benefit NFT and NDR stakeholders in the long term.
Marketing — to promote Node Runners and attract a wider NFT audience.
Team — as Node Runners are growing, so do the team resources. Initial team allocation was 5% which can come short with an additional product launches.
Reserve for new initiatives — rewards for gang wars, bonus staking rewards, partnerships, exchanges etc.

Grants programCreate a grants program that would help to accelerate the NFT x DeFi space.
For example, bring more utility to Node Runners NFTs — make them usable as a collateral for loans. The more interconnected we are, the stronger we become.

The fate of 2% fee on transfer
Since the beginning we had a 2% fee on transfer which was later on turned off. Should it remain off? Should we send it to NDR staking pool or elsewhere? There are tradeoffs on each side.

Pool emission rates
As we will finish the second week of the liquidity mining program, we will need to adjust emission rates to facilitate a healthy ecosystem.

Node Runners is an underground movement formed to fight corporate autocracy. Farm and stake crypto Heroes NFTs to fight Villains and bring justice to the world!