Node Runners — let the battle for NFTs begin

Introducing $NDR — the only token, which will enable people to regain control over the fallen system. Farming and staking crypto Heroes NFTs — all you need to become the real Node Runner, defeat Villains, and bring justice to the world!


It’s the year 2074. A dystopian future vision of both the financial and tech worlds has become a reality.

Due to complete corporate autocracy, privacy has become a luxury of the wealthy. Surveillance sensors have been implanted into every law abiding citizen’s body by the tech giant Amazing. Any transaction or exchange of information online does not slip through PineApple’s fingers. People have stopped making their own choices since Giggle and Funnybook already know what is best for them. Their desires are already pre-determined to keep the global production and consumption in balance.

The world has become fully controlled by the top 0.1% of the population, while the rest have lost any hope to regain their privacy or free will.

It’s time for a change, and us, a small group of underground cyber-partisans called “Node Runners” are here to bring justice to the world. We must spread the word about our movement and with the help of cyber Heroes defeat the greatest Villains of the century.

Join us to regain what’s truly yours!
Become the Node Runner and fight for the decentralized tomorrow!

Game-play & Rules

The goal of the game is to acquire Hero cards, improve their strength with Support cards, and fight Villains in 1-on-1 battles.

What are Power Cards?

There are 4 levels of Power Cards rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.
Each Power Card has its own strength/defense level and price.

Obtaining Power Cards

Power Cards can be acquired in two ways:
1.) By staking NDR/ETH UNI-LP you obtain HASHES, which can be exchanged for a Power Card of your choice on our platform;
2.) Purchasing any Power Card on our platform with ETH. The first series of Power Cards are Heroes, which should be collected in order to fight the Villains.

Staking Heroes

Once you have acquired your first Hero card, you have now become the Node Runner, and you can now stake it to earn $NDR. You can stake up to 4 Heroes on our platform at the same time, and the higher the combined strength of your cards is, the greater your harvest will be!

Fighting Villains

Once the Villains card series is out, you will be able to finally fight them! More details on how to fight and beat the Villains will be shared in further articles.

Hint: the stronger Heroes you have, the tougher Villains you will be able to beat! ;)

Tokens Distribution

Total supply: 28,000 $NDR
Airdrop: 45% of the total supply (or 12,600 $NDR)
Allocation: 500 carefully selected cadets (25.2 $NDR each)
Staking rewards: 45% of the total supply (or 12,600 $NDR)
Staking rewards #2: each $NDR transaction includes a 2% fee which is allocated for NFT staking rewards
Liquidity pool lock: 5% or 1,400 $NDR
Team / marketing: 5% or 1,400 $NDR

Liquidity protection

In order to keep liquidity high, we have come up with two options of how you can acquire NFTs:
1.) You can farm NFTs by staking NDR/ETH UNI-LP token
2.) You can purchase some NFTs on our platform using ETH. 90% of the received funds will be used to purchase NDR from the market and provide NDR/ETH liquidity, which will be permanently locked. 5% of the received funds will be sent to the Treasury, and the remaining 5% will be used for development & marketing.

Get ready for the battle!

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Node Runners is an underground movement formed to fight corporate autocracy. Farm and stake crypto Heroes NFTs to fight Villains and bring justice to the world!