NDR20 tokens — liquid NFT by NFT20 protocol

Here at Node Runners we never stop looking for innovations that would bring more utility to NFT space. Thanks to the NFT20 protocol, our collectible cards just became as liquid as any erc20 token out there. No more waiting for those NFT buy and sell orders on Opensea. How does it work? Let’s find out.

What is NFT20 protocol?

NFT20 protocol was created by developers from the Very Nifty team. They are solving one of the most painful problems that NFT collectors face, lack of liquidity for NFT. How many times there was no right buyer or seller on the other side?

How does it work?

It’s really simple. You deposit your NFT at Node Runners NFT20 pool and mint 100 NDR20 tokens, you keep 95 NDR20, 5 NDR20 goes to the platform.

What can I do with NDR20?

Trade it on Uniswap just like any other token.

What if my NFT is worth more than 100 NDR20?

Since our collectible cards have different scarcity levels, we can’t treat every card equally.

What is the price of 1 NDR20?

The first NFT that was tokenized was Michael Egorov’s card. So 1 NDR20 is worth 1/100 of Egorov’s card. Liquidity pool will be launched soon with more details.

Where do I start?

To mint your first NDR20 tokens, head over to: https://nft20.io/asset/0x303Af77Cf2774AABff12462C110A0CCf971D7DbE

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