$NDR Token Roadmap & Airdrop

Comrades, we hope that you have already read our first Medium article and got yourself familiar with the game, its mechanics, and purpose. So, just to remind you, $NDR Token is a new #ERC20 Token and is the main “weapon” of the game, where it can be used in a few ways:

  1. Provide liquidity to farm crypto Heroes NFTs
  2. Stake as ‘health points’ to fight Villains
  3. Receive as rewards for staking NFTs
  4. Governance

Now let’s see what is waiting ahead of us on this exciting journey ;)

Our Roadmap

Our project’s representative website has been under development for the past week and should be ready as soon as this Friday.

Node Runners’ core values are fairness and equality, which is why we refused to distribute $NDR Tokens via pre-sale. We are self-funded and self-sufficient. Initial liquidity lock is provided by the Node Runners’ founders.

The total supply is 28,000 $NDR, and no additional tokens will ever be minted. As much as 45% of all $NDR (or 12,600 tokens) will be distributed via one single airdrop. Each soldier will be granted 25.2 $NDR, which means that a total of 500 carefully selected comrades will receive the airdrop. A referral program will also take place, so get ready to fight shoulder to shoulder with your frens! ;)

Referral program launch date: 26th of October
Airdrop distribution date: 29th of October

As soon as we launch the $NDR Token and airdrop it to you guys, we will proceed to provide liquidity on Uniswap and lock it for one year.

Liquidity lock date: 29th of October

Next we are going to launch NFTs farming. You will be able to acquire NFT cards in two ways:

  1. Exchange them for HASHES, which can be obtained by providing NDR/ETH liquidity
  2. Buy them with ETH

When NFTs are bought with ETH — 90% of these funds will be used to buy $NDR Tokens back from the market and provide NDR/ETH liquidity. This will help stabilize the $NDR Token ecosystem and create constant buy pressure.

You may be wondering “why no $NDR farming”? Well, for the same reason as ‘no pre-sale’ — we want to keep it fair for everyone, as well as to avoid malicious price activity.

At this point our platform will have a designated section for NFTs Staking. You will be able to stake up to 4 Heroes or Support cards at the same time to receive the highest possible yield. It is important to mention that each $NDR transaction will include a 2% fee, which will be used to pay out rewards for staking NFTs.

Once the army of Node Runners is ready for the fight, we will launch a series of NFTs called “Villains”. Villains can’t be bribed or bought, only defeated. Our platform will have a designated section where you will be able to initiate fights against Villains, using your Heroes and Support cards. The purpose of each fight — to defeat the Villain and claim his card!

Not only can you defeat and claim Villains’ cards, but you can also stake them (i.e. lock them in jail) and earn $NDR as staking rewards!

Let’s get ready for the fight! Join our Telegram channel for further announcements: https://t.me/node_runners

Node Runners is an underground movement formed to fight corporate autocracy. Farm and stake crypto Heroes NFTs to fight Villains and bring justice to the world!

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