Cometh Spaceships flying to mine NDR

Cometh spaceships are flying to Node Runners universe!

A dedicated staking rewards pool has been created for Cometh spaceship NFTs, with 1 NDR daily allocation.

Each Cometh spaceship has a value of 1 Strength Point. Points act as staking units — the more Strength Points you stake, the bigger share of the pool you have.


  • You have staked: 5 Cometh spaceship NFTs
  • Your total Strength Points staked are: 5
  • At the same time, there are 50 Strength Points staked in the pool, so your share is: 5/50 = 10%
  • Your daily staking rewards are: 1 NDR x 10% = 0.10 NDR

You can stake as many Spaceships as you want.

How to stake & unstake:

  1. go to and scroll down to Cometh pool
  2. Approve your NFT Spaceships
  3. Select Spaceships you wish to stake
  4. Confirm and stake
  5. Claim NDR
  6. You can unstake at any time by selecting cards and clicking unstake

So, if you hold any of the Cometh NFTs on mainnet, you should put them to work — stake them on our platform and earn daily rewards in our native NDR token!

If you want to find out more about our project, please follow the links below:

Uniswap: link

Node Runners is an underground movement formed to fight corporate autocracy. Farm and stake crypto Heroes NFTs to fight Villains and bring justice to the world!